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Choose One Of The Best Narrative Essay Topics With Us!

If you have already carefully read the how to write a narrative essay section and know the structure of an essay, as well as the signs and rules for writing an essay, have a proper idea of ​​how to check an essay, and what mistakes can occur when writing an essay, then now, to write a good essay, you should choose one topic. It can be social science, philosophy, psychology, history or other science. The following are good topics for writing a narrative essay.

Top 20 Different Narrative Essay Ideas

  • If you could eradicate either crime or pollution, which would you choose and why?
  • Imagine that you become invisible for a day. Describe this day. Do you think it will be fun or will you create more problems? Explain.
  • Imagine that you win a shopping spree (a short moment when you can take everything for free) for 5 minutes in any store of your choice and you can take whatever you want. Which store will you choose and what will be your shopping strategy.
  • What do you think is more important: freedom of speech, the right to a fair trial, or the right to privacy? Explain.
  • If you were lucky enough to travel with any explorer in the world, who would it be and why?
  • Do you think it’s worth it for scientists to test drugs on animals to fight human diseases like cancer?
  • Write down why keeping promises is important.
  • At the request of the post office, you have to choose the hero of a new brand. Who could it be and why?
  • Do you believe that people are inherently more good or bad? Explain.
  • What reward (real or imagined) would you most like to receive in life?
  • Describe the pros and cons of a situation where your best friend lives with you in the same apartment.
  • What is the difference between courage and fear for you?
  • The old adage says that money is the root of all evil. I agree? Explain. What else could be the root of evil?
  • You have found a crystal ball that shows your future. What did you see there?
  • Come up with a new Olympic sport in which you would get a medal. What kind of sport would it be?
  • You are faced with a choice: lose all old memories or not be able to receive new ones. What would you choose and why?
  • If you had to teach a lesson, what would the lesson be about?
  • If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same language that you speak to yourself, how long would you be friends with him?
  • If you could implant some advice into your baby’s mind, what would it be?
  • What inner prisons have you already built from your fears?

20 Different Narrative Essay Topics For College

Narrative essay ideas about major global issues:

Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative Essay Topics About Modern Social Life

1. Comparison of social life before and after the Internet
2. How the Internet has affected our daily life.
3. Social media and the rise of celebrities.
4. Online dating and how it has changed our relationship
5. Comparison of modern and past parties.
6. Instagram has created a false impression of our lives.
7. Are pubs becoming less relevant?
8. How relationships with friends change as we go through life.
9. Are we becoming an anti-social society?
10. How has Tinder affected our ability to communicate and have relationships?

Topics for an Essay on the Humanitarian Direction

  1. Language. Cognition. Communication.
  2. Letter and difference.
  3. Postmodern state.
  4. Media communications.
  5. Understanding media: human external extensions.
  6. Mass communication in the modern world: Analysis methodology and research practice.
  7. From structuralism to poststructuralism. French semiotics.
  8. Methods of text and discourse analysis.
  9. Discourse analysis: theory and method.
  10. Archeology of knowledge.
  11. Words and things. Archeology of the Humanities.
  12. Written culture and society.
  13. The role of the reader. Studies in the semiotics of the text.
  14. Narrative logic. Semantic analysis of the language of historians.
  15. Difference and repetition.About grammar.
  16. Meaning square. French school of discourse analysis.
  17. Metaphors we live by.
  18. Fundamentals of the theory of discourse.
  19. The Guttenberg Galaxy: The Creation of the Man of Print Culture.
  20. Theories of the information society.

The above narrative essay topics are suitable for great essay writing. Thus, you can start a great essay with him. Absorbing information, share it with your friends and family.

Personal Narrative Essay Topics

So let’s start with personal histories being good narrative essay topics. That’s because you will never be able to tell some story if you never lived it through. So if you want to make your readers believe in your story and also send them some feedback that will be useful, think about some stories of your own that have been enlightening for you.

  • A situation that has changed you forever
  • The most important person in your life
  • Relationships with parents during your teenage
  • Traveling as a way of developing your personality
  • The first memory from your childhood

Literacy Narrative Essay Topics

This is another great type of narrative essay that you will be able to write. In this essay, you are free to write about your favorite characters. So here, you can give freedom to your imagination and write about movie characters that most influenced your worldview. So here are some examples which you can take into account.

  • Your favorite literature character
  • A book that has changed your life
  • If you may have lived in the book, which book would it be?
  • The first book you have read
  • Your favorite author and his influence on your personality

Descriptive Narrative Essay Topics

The descriptive narrative essay is the type where you also need to describe your feeling, experience, relationship, or some situation. Here are some examples of topics that you can use for this matter.

  • Your feelings during achieving your goal
  • The trip that has changed your life
  • Influence of friends on your life
  • How to combine personal life and college
  • How to not lose control in stressful situations?

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