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How to Write an Essay on a Book

January 17, 2023  | 
10 min read | 

Book essay writing is an omnipresent assignment imposed by many professors, especially if you are dealing with literature constantly. An essay on a book is usually a way for your teacher to get proof that you gained something from analyzing… Read More

Climate Change Essay Topics

January 17, 2023  | 
9 min read | 

Climate change is an everlasting topic for debate with multiple people clashing in a discourse, trying to figure out the best course for humanity. We live on this planet, so, obviously, ignoring such a diverse topic is quite impossible. You… Read More

Synthesis Essay Topics for Any Purpose

January 9, 2023  | 
9 min read | 

Most students are faced with the task of writing essays on various subjects to show their knowledge and demonstrate their ability to think analytically. But many people have problems choosing topics for a synthesis essay, because often this task can… Read More

How to Write a Synthesis Essay Outline: Structure and Examples

January 3, 2023  | 
8 min read | 

A synthesis essay outline is critical to planning your essay’s writing process. Without this crucial stage, you may run into many avoidable and costly problems while composing your paper. Your synthesis essay format also enables your readers to read your… Read More

How to Write a Persuasive Essay Outline: Templates and Examples

December 20, 2022  | 
8 min read | 

Does your teacher ask you to write a persuasive essay and you do not even know where to start? Do not worry, because if you’re reading this article then you already understand the importance of the persuasive essay structure. The… Read More

How to Write an Informative Essay: Outline, Introduction, Tips

December 20, 2022  | 
12 min read | 

There is no college and high school student who would not be assigned to write an informative essay. While many think that writing this type of academic work is an easy task, in reality, it takes long hours of composing… Read More

Persuasive Essay Topics

September 5, 2022  | 
3 min read | 

There are plenty of reasons why you probably will have to write your persuasive essay topics. But despite the reasons or subjects on which you will write your essays, there are a bunch of rules you need to follow. Nevertheless,… Read More

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

September 5, 2022  | 
3 min read | 

Comparing and contrasting essay topics is a perfect way to make students learn logical comparisons. This kind of task is the best possible way to make a comparison of two close subjects. It’s also a good way for students to… Read More

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for Any Purpose

September 5, 2022  | 
11 min read | 

Many students are faced with the task of writing an essay on cause and effect, and many have difficulty even at the stage of choosing a topic. If you want to write a good paper, you need to find good… Read More

Chicago Style Format Guide

August 22, 2022  | 
5 min read | 

What is Chicago style format? The Chicago style format of writing is often used for history articles, but this style is called Turabian when referring specifically to academic assignments. The Chicago Style Manual was first written in 1891 by the… Read More