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Opinion Essay Topics for Amateur and Professional Authors

Need more room for self-expression or conveying your points of view on the specific issue? Preparing an opinion essay is a viable option to satisfy your needs. Create a piece emphasizing your attitude to the problem and back it up with arguments and concrete examples. Don’t miss other perspectives on the matter and indicate corresponding counter arguments. For a better result, examine a few hints from seasoned specialists on how to boost the quality of your paper!

How to Select the Best Opinion Essay Topic?

Seeking an intriguing topic for opinion essay to impress your audience and reveal your knowledge? You may find the below instructions fruitful enough:

  • Opt for the issue primarily relating to you and is a matter of your concerns.
  • Ensure you are confident in your arguments.
  • Your competence should be enough to provide in-depth explanations.
  • Authenticity is critical for an upscale paper.
  • Don’t discriminate against anyone in your paper.

The success of the suggestions is proven by the vocational knowledge of the qualified authors. If you need concrete samples of titles for your opinion paper, check out the below options.

Short List of Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Gains and critical disadvantages of globalization.
  2. The influence of communication in social networks on the ability to conduct a lively dialogue.
  3. Issues of gender inequality in pay for management positions.
  4. Cultural minorities and the criticality of ensuring freedom of their migration.
  5. Rational use of nature to prolong life on Earth.
  6. Art in the formation of worldviews.
  7. Road safety with autopilot.
  8. Problems of protecting one’s borders due to their blurring in social networks.
  9. Dependence on the flow of news as a modern trend.
  10. Instilling sports skills from early childhood.

Good Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Bilingual education of children.
  2. The state and its place in the formation of social responsibility.
  3. The use of virtual reality in interior design distorts expectations.
  4. The importance of progress in the educational process is equivalent to the technological one.
  5. Discrimination shocks are caused by uncontrolled migration.
  6. Brain drain from developing countries causes uneven distribution of knowledge in the world.
  7. Strengths and weaknesses of electronic transactions when trading on the Internet.
  8. Religion as a method of manipulation and mass influence on people’s consciousness.
  9. Cultivation of writing skills for boosting brainstorming.
  10. Risks of conducting business correspondence online.

Easy Opinion Essay Topics

  1. The importance of communication with peers in the life of a teenager.
  2. Creation of texts by artificial intelligence and their low level of originality.
  3. Why is it important to be able to accept and give gifts?
  4. Free movement of labor between different countries and continents: Arguments for and against.
  5. Primary medical education for awareness of the importance of health care.
  6. The safety and efficiency of solar energy, as well as its potential drawbacks.
  7. Global pandemics as an influence on the reduction of tourist flows in the world.
  8. Criticality of the problem of depletion of natural energy resources.
  9. Capitalist forms of state management: Pros and cons.
  10. Production and processing of chemical substances and harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Engaging Opinion Essay Topics Education Connected

  1. The study of exact sciences contributes to the development of students’ critical thinking.
  2. Authoring essays to sharpen creative thinking skills.
  3. Freedom of choice in education as a stimulus for the development of self-reliance.
  4. How to manage the gap between the generations?
  5. Urgent deadlines as stress factors for learners.
  6. The critical importance of psychological education on all levels.
  7. Simplifying the learning of complex educational material using interactive technologies.
  8. The importance of providing students with standardized technological gadgets.
  9. Gap year practicality for more future career prospects.
  10. Why should old methods of assessing academic performance be replaced by new ones?

Strong Opinion Essay Topics

  1. International political institutions are no longer able to solve the global problems of humanity.
  2. Banning the production of plastic should be the primary goal of humanity.
  3. Comparison of levels of free and paid medicine.
  4. The high-tech arms race is the main threat to humanity.
  5. The cost of free speech in a discriminated world.
  6. Experiments on animals cannot be the only way to prove scientific hypotheses in a digitized world.
  7. Ignorance of the history of one’s people leads to a loss of identity.
  8. Reluctance to develop oneself leads to degradation.
  9. Risks of growing plants using pesticides.
  10. World ocean research should be prioritized over space research.

Personal Opinion Essay Topics to Write About

  1. What are the key criteria for a successful project for me?
  2. Why is achieving goals so important to my self-development?
  3. My thoughts on the growing indifference of people.
  4. My reaction to waging armed conflicts at the current stage of society development.
  5. My attitude towards the importance of sleep and regular rest.
  6. The key reasons I rank travel as a source of inspiration.
  7. How do I cultivate the habits essential for my health?
  8. The paramount reasons to fight against established stereotypes and dispel them.
  9. Why should not communication with peers be the only way of socialization?
  10. The expansion of rights and freedoms can carry with it a series of hidden social responsibilities.

Interesting Topics for Opinion Essays

  1. Overpopulation of the planet shortens the life expectancy of it.
  2. The influence of weather on human performance and mood.
  3. The culture of consumer values and its impact on the environment.
  4. The role of monetary policy is exaggerated in the conditions of globalization.
  5. Expediency of hedging future multi-currency operations.
  6. Restoring the balance between living organisms for the sustainability of life on Earth.
  7. Why is society unable to equalize the balance between income levels?
  8. Reading books and forming imaginative thinking.
  9. Self-care as a manifestation of self-respect.
  10. Hobby is potentially the most profitable scenario of a person’s professional development.

Well-versed authors with practical backgrounds in performing opinion essays have gathered their insights and shared them in the article. The above topics are examples of eye-catching and in-depth ideas for your opinion writing. Pick one of the above titles and create a piece with an A+ grade!