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60 Racism Essay Topics for Any Purpose

Choosing an interesting topic for discussion in an academic paper is always a challenge. And there is a theme that always has a lot to write about: racism. This topic is quite broad. You can write about your attitude to racism, provide an overview of its history, raise awareness of this issue, or analyze the current state of things with racism. Whatever position you take, you should first find an appropriate topic. That is why this article where we collected popular racism essay topics will be of much help to you. So go on and pick your favorite one!

How to Choose a Good Essay Topic on Racism?

Selecting a topic about racism is not easy. Even though it seems like you already know what to do research on, still this problem has many fields for discussion. So before you start writing an introduction, you have to come up with a creative and appropriate topic.

When choosing essay topics on racism, you have to orientate on the factor that it is important to explain this issue from many angles. Racism academic papers should not only be filled with your thoughts on how bad it is and how people struggle with it. You should also write about the origins of this problem and ways to overcome it. So when making your choice regarding one topic about racism, make sure it meets the following criteria:

  • You are passionate about it. Nothing can make your paper more successful than your interest in it.
  • You know something about that subject. If you are already into that topic, it will be much easier to write a good paper.
  • You have found enough sources about it. Every good paper is based on solid proof and facts.
  • You find it controversial. Good racism essay titles always have different points of view.

So as you might see, choosing the right racism topic for your research is crucial as the whole work will depend on it. No worries though, as we have prepared for you multiple topic ideas so you will definitely find your one!

Argumentative Essay Topics About Racism

Racism essay topics can be perfectly discovered in an argumentative type of essay. There can be multiple arguments built around this theme. In this section, we have gathered engaging racism topics for writing argumentative essays.

  • Black Lives Matter movement: a strong confrontation of racism.
  • What is Dismantling Institutional Racism?
  • Can racism be treated as an illness?
  • The contribution of Malcolm X to resolving racism issues.
  • Is Islamophobia a type of racism?
  • How do African American influencers help fight racism in social media?
  • What is the film “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” useful for?
  • Racism at a workplace: ways to prevent it.
  • Would Michael Jackson be perceived the same if he didn’t change his skin color?
  • Are there any negative sides to the Black Lives Matter movement?
  • Overview of the forms of racism.
  • What is the main factor that makes a person a racist?
  • In what forms does racism exist in the media?
  • Does racism come from religion?
  • The problem of racism at schools and ways of solving it.
  • The main message of “The White Man’s Burden” by Rudyard Kipling.
  • Should racism be treated by specialists?
  • Academic explanation of racism: does it even exist?
  • Why children don’t share racism and treat each other equally?
  • Is there a connection between racism and feminism?

Racism Persuasive Essay Topics

When it comes to explaining your position and making the audience think about it, the best way to do that is to write a persuasive essay. In the case of racism topics, you can be really free in proving your point of view since there are many sides to take on this topic. So below, you will find more examples of topics to write a persuasive essay about.

  • Where do we find more racism: in the United States or in Germany?
  • Do we still face antisemitism in the 21st century?
  • Is racism in any way beneficial?
  • Does the media promote racism?
  • Should we call racism a global problem?
  • Do people acquire racial prejudice or are born with it?
  • The difference in attitude to African Americans and Mexican Americans.
  • The connection of racism with nazism.
  • “Get out” movie and its message about racism.
  • Color-blind racial ideology.
  • Does systemic or institutional racism really exist?
  • Why is it important to talk about racism to children?
  • Is Black Poverty caused by racism in the first place?
  • The issue of racism in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain.
  • What reforms should be done in the United States to fight racism?
  • Chinese Americans and racism.
  • The connection between homophobia and racism.
  • Globalization and racism.
  • Racism and the American Psychological Association.
  • Does racism become natural in society?

Racism Research Paper Topics

College students know for sure that in order to write an A+ research paper, it is essential to find a theme that would give a lot of ideas to write about. And racism is one of the suitable topics to build a research paper on. So here you will get inspiration from racism topics for research paper.

  • Comparative analysis of racial prejudice in the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • Voodoo culture and racism.
  • The African-American culture: factors that show it is influenced by racial prejudice.
  • Overview of the movies that represent criminal cases of racism in the US.
  • Juzz: the music of Black musicians.
  • The rise of racism during Trump’s presidency.
  • The analysis of racism in different countries.
  • The history of racial prejudice in the world.
  • Is there racism in the Disney Corporations?
  • What health issues do people who are being bullied for their skin color suffer from?
  • Controversial ideas of racism in the works of Ernest Hemingway.
  • Psychological methods of fighting racism.
  • The history of the Ku Klux Klan.
  • The connection between xenophobia and racism.
  • How is gangsta rap connected with racial prejudice?
  • Is there racism in Shakespeare’s “Othello”?
  • Does slavery come from racism?
  • Cultural racism definition.
  • Racism in education: what problems does it cause?
  • Aboriginal racism in Australia.

Examples of Racism Questions for Essay

As soon as you choose one topic among multiple racism topics for essay, you are ready to start writing your work. And we want to give you some more examples of how to explain the theme of racism in academic papers. You can use these questions as an inspiration for what to write about in your essay and how to make a smooth transition from one paragraph to another.

So while writing about racism, you can rise the following questions:

  • What is the history of racism? – Almost in every theme about racial prejudice, it is necessary to write about how this was in the past and what it brought for today.
  • What impact does racism have on health? – This question could lead to a dissertation as racial prejudice causes a lot of mental and even physical illnesses for people who are being treated differently because of their skin color.
  • What measures can be done to stop racism from rising? – Solutions are what every academic paper has to have. And you as a researcher should include this point in your work.
  • What does racism look like in a certain country? – A good question to hook the audience in your essay is to analyze the racism issue in a certain country.
  • How does racism exist in society? – Analyzing people’s behavior and social problems is always a good idea to focus on in your academic work.
  • What are the forms of racism? – When providing research on racism, it is also important to cover its forms since this issue can be revealed in many social aspects.
  • How does racism exist in education? – It is not a novelty that even in educational institutions students are being bullied. So that is also a task for teachers to identify this problem and overcome it.
  • How does racial prejudice exist in the media? – Even in the media, there is still racism. And it is important to talk about it, especially in academic works.
  • How to deal with racism in the workplace? – One of the racism essay ideas can be to look at it in the workplace as many workers are treated disrespectfully because of their origins.
  • Why is it important to strive to fight racism? – It is essential to write that fighting racism equals bringing more harmony to the world.

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How to choose a racism essay topic?

If you are choosing race and ethnicity essay topics, pay attention to these factors: your knowledge of the topic; your interest in it; the topic’s controversial character, and a solid base of resources.

What is a good racism essay topic?

When defining what racism argumentative essay topics are good, first take into account how much you like it and whether it is an actual problem or not.

How many racism paper topics do you have?

We provide more than hundreds of good essay topics about racism, so you can always check our article or ask for help from our writers with the topic selection for your paper about racism.

What are easy racism essay topics to write about?

The easiest topics about racism are those that are the most familiar to you. In fact, writing about this issue is never easy but it is worth doing research.