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Persuasive Essay Topics: Opening Remarks

There are plenty of reasons why you probably will have to write your persuasive essay topics. But despite the reasons or subjects on which you will write your essays, there are a bunch of rules you need to follow. Nevertheless, first, let’s find out what a good persuasive essay is. This kind of essay is also known as an argument essay and can be used to show the readers the legitimacy of your idea over another. But, you should not think that you will write this type of essay only in college because it will also come in handy at other stages of life.

Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

If you want to write an excellent persuasive essay but you lack ideas, do not worry. Because you can always choose some easy topics, in this section, we would like to present some ideas on which you can write a perfect paper even without the help of an essay writing service.

  • The importance of homework at school
  • Usage of smartphones at school
  • Remote vs. offline studying
  • The optionality of dress code at college
  • Why should kids choose subjects at school

Persuasive Essay Topics For College

We all understand that most good persuasive essay topics are usually written during college. But most students always face some difficulties when they face the time of choosing the topic of their paper. Find out our top 5 best topics for college essays.

  • The importance of recycling on the environment
  • Problems of the modern educational system
  • Importance of mental health in the modern world
  • Influence of social media on modern teenagers
  • The importance of your mission

Persuasive Essay Topics For Kids

There is a common prejudice that essays do not help students in any way and that it’s just boring work that needs to be done. But it’s not right because the essay is a perfect tool that helps create logical thinking, even for preschool children. But, of course, no one expects kids to write papers on some difficult subjects. So here are some topics that might be interesting for your kid.

  • Importance of pets at home
  • Reason to make school breaks longer
  • Importance of pastime with friends
  • Pocket money for kids
  • Compliance with the daily routine

Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

Of course, everyone is used to writing an essay being a boring and long process. But what if we tell you that it may be really fun and you can even enjoy the whole process of writing? Do not believe us? Just read the topics and try not to smile.

  • Why is a computer better than a book
  • The importance of eating fast food
  • Importance of ignoring your parents
  • Cats versus dogs: who is the better pet
  • Advantages of an unhealthy lifestyle