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Writing on Pressing Issues: Essay on Renewable Energy

All the linkages across the globe, atmosphere, universe, nature, and life on the earth are interrelated to the extent most cannot even imagine. The routine action of charging your smartphone is not as harmless as may seem at first glance. The level of greenhouse gas emissions peaks every year at a colossal pace.

Traditional methods of generating energy from fossil fuels are no longer practical with the global average energy consumption yearly growth fluctuating at the level of 2%. Renewable energy is the most productive option in such progressive conditions. The range of issues, in which the energy sector is involved, is huge enough to select a fascinating topic for your study.

Intricacies of a Renewable Energy Essay

Essays are the most prevailing method to examine the learners’ internalization of the material and a viable option to check their mastery in expressing their thoughts both on familiar and unfamiliar topics. However, such a paper type has another added value, namely a chance for the students to be involved in the discussion of the pressing issues. Climate change can be a primary matter.

Working on the renewable energy essay implies not only sharing your feelings and reactions to what is going on in the sphere but also generating authentic ideas on how to diminish all the risks. Such essays may be somehow distinct from argumentative, descriptive, persuasive, and other essays by their structure and format. The peculiarity is the consideration of the relevant statistics and facts while forming your opinion.

Renewable Energy Technologies: Shaping New Opportunities

One of the cutting-edge fields is sustainable energy innovations. This sector has altered many production processes and implemented recent technologies to boost the efficiency of energy generation and use. The revolutionary inventions include:

  • Solar energy.
  • Wind power.
  • Biomass power.
  • Geothermal power.
  • Oceans thermal energy.

This is not the comprehensive list of the advancements in the field but comprises the most notable examples influencing the new age of the energy transition the most. As the innovative aspect of all the topics is eye-catching enough, one of the below topics will be a match for your essay!

Biomass Energy

Although continuous use and fruiting depletes the soil and decreases and worsens its properties and structure, foods for living creatures are indispensable. Subsequently, the most sensible solution is recycling the residues of edible plants, wood, etc. Agricultural products can be turned from wastes into effective biofuels potentially used in energy production.

Geothermal Energy

The power of our planet is immeasurable. Each exploration of the bowels of the earth is a step closer to clean geothermal energy. Water supplies deep in the ground are of hot temperatures that enable it to be a powerful source of energy converted into electricity almost immediately without complex manipulation.

Wind Turbines

Constructed as large-scale equipment with massive blades converting wind power into electricity wind turbines are nothing else but the revolution in the sector of renewables. Such devices can be easily installed and located anywhere in the globe where wind currents are rational for sustainable energy generation.

Solar Panels

Solar photovoltaic panels are not the latest technology but one of the most affordable in the field of green energy. Any household can supply themselves with sufficient electricity by installing a few solar panels on their roof or in the backyard.

Not Simply Clean Energy but Effective Too

Ocean, geothermal, and biomass energy are not more critical than such alternative energy sources as sunlight, wind, and water. Each element on the earth is powerful and, if it is applicable reasonably, can generate electricity at a rapid pace without potential exhaustion.

Solar, wind, and hydroelectric plants are the most efficient energy generators at the current level of niche development. Become familiar with their direct benefits below, and eventually, the use of traditional fossil fuels will immediately seem unreasonable!

Limitless Solar Power

Sunlight is almost endless in each corner of the earth. Even with the atmosphere damaged by the carbon dioxide emissions, the sun becomes even more powerful with its radioactivity increasing.

Solar paper is easily accessible by the installation of the photovoltaic panels. The panels can be adjusted to the voltage and size appropriate for the concrete household, factory, or even a vast number of buildings and consumers.

Modern Wind Energy

Another sample of renewable energy technologies is a wind turbine able to generate electricity from the kinetic wind power. Although less accessible and flexible than the solar panels are, such turbines are durable enough to withstand any weather conditions.

The modern turbines converting the energy from the wind currents are massive enough to be located in a single household. The site choice for their installation is a responsible task since the energy generation effectiveness primarily depends on that. Nevertheless, wind energy costs are a few times fewer than the price of non-renewable energy. The wind is a limitless resource that cannot be exhausted even during changing climatic conditions.

Specs of Hydroelectric Power

The branched basins of rivers have boundless opportunities for creating electricity from constant water flows. Besides, hydroelectric power plants assist in reducing the likelihood of flooding and other disasters resulting from the vast water power.

Erosion of the mouth of rivers is the only potential threat from the hydroelectric dams. However, innovative methods enable us to control the pressure of the water current and mitigate the effects of water energy generation.

Environmental Benefits of Renewables in Practice

The scale of environmental benefits from renewables being a potential major contributor to the energy sector is huge. Alternative energy sources do not pollute the natural habitats or harm the atmosphere with massive carbon emissions. Instead, such green sources open limitless opportunities for energy generation for humanity without any dependence on the shortage of fossil fuels.

  • No carbon dioxide emissions.
  • No natural resources exhaustion.
  • No effect on the climate and weather conditions.
  • No manipulation of prices or energy supply.

Reliance on clean electricity is a viable option in the conditions of the lack of resources and increased demand. Natural wealth such as the sun, wind, and water are limitless and can constantly supply people with sufficient energy.

How to Concisely Define Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

All the methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and other gasses, resulting from manufacturing with huge fossil fuels involvement, cause the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. It would be more reasonable to entrust such a specific topic to an expert with access to the relevant data on the emissions and their economic, environmental, and other impacts.

Green Energy Is a Way Out

Clean electricity would not lead to such an immense greenhouse effect increasing the average air temperature on the globe yearly. Resorting to renewables you select the most efficient way to minimize the repercussions from the massive use of electricity from fossil fuels.

What is the Boundless Economic Impact of Renewables?

How could alternative energy sources neutralize the risks of energy price and supply fluctuations? What could be a positive economic impact of renewables globally?

  • More energy independence and diversification, subsequently less fixation solely on fossil fuels.
  • Less harm to natural habitats, subsequently fewer expenditures on the elimination of climate change consequences.
  • The economic impact can be also traced to higher employment indicators since renewables require more workforce both in technology development and energy production.

The above economic directions in the investigation of alternative energy sources are a viable option as potential topics for an essay about renewable energy. As a matter of the economic outcome of climate change is looming much larger, the proposed issues can be relevant topics for your study and troubleshooting in a paper.

New Level of Energy Efficiency Is Here

The matter of effective energy use is pressing since the productive forces are expanding all the time with increased rates of consumption and production. Electricity is essential in the routine operation of each business and household.

The world population alongside their advanced requirements for comfortable living are the primary driving force behind the transition to green sources. Solar, water, and wind energy have no limited capabilities but the constant potential for expansion along with the rise in demand.

Climate Change Mitigation: No Time for Procrastination

On a global yearly average, 4 tons of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere resulting from the actions of one person (not involving major corporations and plants). The huge, accumulated amount of such an element in the air causes the greenhouse effect to become a primary stage in the chain reaction of climate change.

Misleading yourself that the issue of climate change mitigation is not related to your lifestyle and cannot be a paramount matter for your research makes no sense. Prepare a thought-provoking paper and boost your writing mastery!

Why Should Countries Work on Their Energy Policy and Conduct Joint Measures with Other Economies?

Transitioning to clean sources of energy is one of the sustainable goals most economies and international organizations distinguish in their agenda. However, the directions of the energy policy also cover the following issues:

  • Effective energy generation.
  • Controlled consumption and assured supply.
  • Sustainable supply chains with no disruptions in energy production and distribution.
  • Development and implementation of clean technologies able to fully exploit such natural resources as sunlight, wind currents, water flows, ocean, and geothermal power in energy production.
  • Reasonable pricing in the energy sector to make it both affordable and profitable.

Government policy in the energy sector should comprise diverse measures with consideration of the peculiarities of the economy, country location and climate conditions, consumers’ behavior, and trends in the market.

Why is Moving Forward Energy Independence so Crucial?

Dependence on the fossil fuels of the routine operation of corporations and lifestyles of humanity becomes an object of manipulation. Access to the resources alongside the market share in the energy production segment enables major producers to dictate conditions for the world economy by forming prices for all the products in diverse sectors where energy is required.

All that results in instability and inability to control the expenditures, supply, earnings, and other economic indicators. The future should not be in fossil fuel producers’ hands. Amid such an enormous demand for energy sources, diversification is critical. Such a multidimensional issue may be an appropriate topic for the essay.

Energy Transition – The Way in the Right Direction

The process of transition to renewables may prove time-consuming; however, the range of benefits in the short and long run it can provide outweighs the potential expenditures.

  • A gradual departure from dependence on scarce energy resources.
  • Prolific energy generation with minimal effect on the climate.
  • Fair prices for electricity and heating with the potential to decrease costs with further advancements in the sector.
  • Its capabilities are limitless and can be expanded with the progress in energy efficiency.
  • More jobs in the technological and energy sectors.

Although it may seem too multifaceted and complex, this process will bear its fruits even in the near perspective.

Renewable Energy Is an Option with Limitless Potential

Renewables are an actionable resort in transition to sustainable sources of energy. Their variety is immense, and productivity is even higher than fossil fuels have. Not requiring any natural wealth, renewables bring independence to households and even to entire economies.

Prepare an Essay on Sustainable Energy and Widen Your Horizons

Clean energy issues may seem a broken record for discussion since it is all the time at the hearing. However, renewables are not a common topic in academic writing because of their controversy and sophistication. Why not reveal the facts that are kept quiet and share your thoughts on the issue?

If any concerns arise, you can turn to experts with practical backgrounds in climate and energy fields. With immense competence and skills, true specialists can manage even multifaceted papers on environmental issues. Always remember that an essay on renewable energy determines a new level in your essay writing and research mastery!