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Free E-mail Alias

We at The Essay Organization offer you a Free E-mail Alias at the domain! That means that if you would like as an e-mail address, you could have it.

It is important to say that this is an e-mail forwarding service, and not a POP3 mail account. A very nice thing about forwarding is that if you ever have to change Internet provider or job, then you wouldn't have to change your e-mail address. Just tell us what the new address is, and we'll forward your mail there. Then you can keep for the rest of you life.

To get your personal forwarding address simply fill out the form below. Your new address will be working within 24 hours and you will receive an infomail from us. You will also be added to our monthly newsletter. This you can cancel later if you want.

I would like to have the alias point toward my real e-mail account(s) . You can point your new alias towards four addresses is you like.


If your browser doesn't support tables and forms please mail the information to

This is a free service given to you by The Essay Organization. Since the service is free there might be limited customer support and the aliases may be canceled. But IF this service ever stop you will be notified half a year in advance.
The Essay Organization support privacy so your real POP3 address will not be sold or given to anyone else for any price or matter. Neither will your new alias be given to anyone.

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